Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Aftermath

My body felt pretty good today, the day after my new run. I am a little tender in my shins but my arches are really tight. I go to physical therapy tomorrow so we'll see what they tell me.

I was supposed to run today but I had a migraine almost the entire day. When it was almost gone, my dog decided to get loose. After running around trying to find her, my headache came back and I chickened out of my run.

Depending on what PT tells me, I might run tomorrow.

Monday, April 2, 2012

I did day 1 of couch to 10k today

We'll see how I feel tomorrow. I hope I feel awesome.

Currently, my right arch in my foot is tight and my shin is tender. I iced myself for 15 minutes.

After taking a 3 month hiatus to heal my shin splints- then developing plantar fasciitis- I started my training again. I say training, but it's really just for health and fun now. I did couch to 5k and really enjoyed it. I found that running is challenging for me and I'm a very competitive person. I'm competitive toward myself and others and running is perfect for that. There have been many times where I've had to push myself (and talk to myself :)).

Elliptical is boring....I hope I don't get injured again because I.WANT.TO.RUN!

P.S.- I used a new app that my husband found. It's called Map My Run. I got an arm band so I could have my phone with me. It tracked my route, time, pace, and distance. Seems like a pretty cool tool.