Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Long time coming

I'm back at it. This summer we joined the YMCA and I began using the treadmill. I wasn't going to start running right away but I decided, without C25K app, that I would run a minute or two if I could stand it.  Well I was surprised at my endurance and 2 weeks in I'm just finished week 4.

I have awesome shoes that helped my plantar fasciitis.  They are Brooks Ghost 5, when I went to get new shoes because they wore out I upgraded to Ghost 6.  They are so comfortable for me. They are neutral and a very squishy heel.

I'm running at a 5.2 on the treadmill then I realized my heart rate monitor said I was out of my zone. After some research I found out that to burn fat (which is what my goal is) I need to have a heart rate under 160. So I have had to drop the speed down to 4.8. That's fine with me because I'm sure going slower will help my endurance and ward off injuries.

I'm also doing pilates and lifting weights in an attempt to cross-train.

Since it's summer and I'm using excuses, I've not really lost weight because I'm eating dessert and junk after a day of healthy eating.  ho hum

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